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Did you know that the greenest product is one that already exists? That's why we strive to design our baby changing bags using the highest quality materials and standards to ensure that it lasts and lasts no matter how much abuse you give it.

"The greenest product is one that already exists"


We do know that occasionally it just can't keep up with your demands but we feel that even our slightly imperfect bags deserve a chance to shine as your number 1 accessory which is why we have our own eBay store that you can buy from here. This is an opportunity for us to sell samples, seconds and refurbished baby bags that otherwise wouldn’t get a lot of love.


Your PacaPod nappy bag will eventually keal over and give up the will to hold itself together if it's used and used beyond it's design capacity, which is why we are delighted to offer the opportunity to have your favourite bag refurbished to restore something of it's former glory.  The needs of each bag are unique to its owner so please contact us to learn more.


We also offer a recycling scheme. As once your changing bag has truly seen the end of it purpose and you've wrung out every drop of life.  It’s really important to us that none of our baby bags end up as landfill when they’re been made of such precious resources. We’re more than happy to have your bag sent back to us. We collect pre-loved bags until we have enough to fill a lorry (again, we want to justify our space on the road here) and then send them to our recycling partners. The changing bags are hand-sorted into those definitely at the end of their life and those with a bit more to give. If they really are unusable, they are stripped into component parts and turned into things like car upholstery. Those not quite at the end are sent to Africa for refurbishment and a brand new life with a brand new family. 

May 11, 2021 by Sam Humble-Smith



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