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How to show mom a good time this Mother's Day
At PacaPod we know how hard moms work. Those babies and toddlers don’t keep themselves alive you know. So this March, show mom a good time – because, lets face it, every day is a Mother’s Day.

  • Let her have a lie in: We’re pretty sure that this would be on the top of most moms list when it comes to the perfect Mother’s Day. Instead of the usual early start of children’s tv, breakfast flying round the room and an overexcited (or should we say well rested!) little one, let her take her time getting out of bed. We highly recommend teaming this with a nice hot cup of coffee or tea to add that finishing touch.



  •  Mix it up with the gift: We definitely don’t think Mother’s Day needs to be about showering mom with the most expensive gifts you can find – something thoughtful and unique would definitely tick all the boxes. One idea we love is a handmade card from the children, with their handprints inside. If you gift one of these each year it would be lovely for mom to look back and see how much her little ones have grown.


  • Book her a massage: Or a pampering activity of some kind! Now this may not be every moms cup of tea, but for some a back massage or facial would be great for giving them an hour or so to completely unwind.



    • Give her some alone time: This can definitely tie in with the activity above, but if a massage isn’t her thing then give her a few hours completely to herself. So many moms would love the time to read a book or take a bath, without being interrupted by the little one every two minutes. A little time alone in the day (obviously after some quality family time) may be all it takes to show her a good time this Mother’s Day.


    • All get together to cook her a lovely meal: A family meal out with small children can be stressful at the best of times, but then being together as one is what Mother’s Day is all about. So why not try combining the two by having a beautiful meal at home with all the family. Let the children help with deciding what to cook, and if it is safe, let them get involved with the cooking too. Mom is sure to love a meal cooked by all the family… even if it is a little rough around the edges! 



    Be sure to keep an eye out on our social media over the Mother’s Day weekend as we have a few special treats for all of the wonderful moms out there too! 

    March 05, 2018 by Alice Edmonds



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