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What's in Katy's hospital bag

The final blog post in our Ambassador series comes from the wonderful Katy Guillemette. Katy is currently pregnant with her first child and is due to give birth any day now. We were so excited to hear all about her pregnancy journey throughout her time as a PacaPod Brand Ambassador, and in particular finding out what she is packing in her hospital bag - the beautiful Hartland leather changing bag. If you're expecting, or know someone who is, then do be sure to give it a read to see if there's anything you have missed off your packing list!











"It is our first pregnancy, our first son and we could not be more excited for him to come into our life! The due date is coming around really fast and we have so much to think about and do to prepare for the big day. One of these things is to pack his changing bag for the hospital. I must say, this is one of the things I was most excited about doing and I just want to make sure every little bit is perfect.

I was so happy when PacaPod asked me to talk about what I was bringing with me to the hospital. As new parents we didn’t have much of an idea about what we needed to bring with us - we wanted to be sure we had everything we needed without bringing too much stuff! So, we asked around all of our parents and friends who had children and came up with a list that we think will cover all of his needs - the Hartland leather changing bag is just the perfect bag for it and means everything will be so well organised.

So, this is a short list of what we will be bringing with us and how I organised the bag.


The changing pod: I packed some newborn nappies, some lotion and wipes.

The feeding pod: Since I plan on breastfeeding, I didn’t have much to put in this pod. However, we don’t know how his first feeding experience will turn out so I did end up packing some milk & bottles, along with some snacks for us.

The main pocket: I am not gonna lie, this was the cutest and most fun part to pack. All those little clothes that we have been looking at for the past 8 months and that have been bringing us closer to his arrival - yes, they are just material but soon they will be filled with all of this love that is growing inside me. Since we are only planning to be at the hospital for a night (or two if needed) we packed 4 pairs of pyjamas, 1 pair of baby slippers, 2 pants (very comfortable ones), & 1 pair of slightly warmer pyjamas as our due date is December and where I live this is a very cool and snowy month. I also packed 2 blankets and some hats.

The inside pocket: I put all of our hospital notes in here and the birth book that I bought for him.

The front pocket: There is nothing in this one for now as I don’t want to take my purse with me, but when the time comes I am going to put my wallet and phone in this.











 So that is it for our baby boys hospital bag! I am really glad to have found this amazing bag to bring with us. At the beginning of our pregnancy I was feeling a little (ok a lot!) overwhelmed by all of the baby stuff and the chaos that can come with it. The PacaPod Hartland leather has pretty much erased this stress because it is so simple and easy to be organised with it and I love it! So, it’s now all ready to go anytime"

December 24, 2018 by Alice Edmonds



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