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Our Company

PacaPod is designed by a working mum, based in beautiful North Devon. We are lucky enough to be a stone’s throw from beaches, wild moorland and a designated UNESCO biosphere reserve. Having this much nature around us serves as a permanent reminder of why we accept responsibility for the impact of our business. Our staff either cycle or take public transport to get to work each day. We’re an office of leftover eaters, so the only plastic at lunchtime is from some durable lunchboxes.


Timeless design, considered choice of colours, long term relationships with our customers and partners, environmental protection programmes and sustainable moral decisions in quality and choices.  This is important to us and important for the planet. We want to show you the life cycle of a PacaPod changing bag to show our current efforts towards sustainability. You may notice when you choose your PacaPod that styles we have designed are timeless and high quality. We want our wide range of luxury changing bags to be multi-generational and unisex – Granny and Grandad will feel as comfortable taking baby out while wearing the unisex bag as you will. We refuse to be led by trends that will make your bag look old before its time – you won’t see this season’s hot new colour in our collection. Instead, we work with a classic colour palette that means your unique changing bag will be just as stylish for baby number 4 as it was for your first born.

Our supply chain

Whilst the design work is done at head office, we have partnered with some world-class partners to make the finished product. We visit our them regularly and see the same faces every time – the high staff turnover a lot of the industry faces isn’t evident with our suppliers, as the staff are paid fairly and treated with respect.


When it comes to getting the finished luxury changing bags back to the UK, it’s important to us that we tread lightly. Our bags are always shipped and never flown to ensure as small a carbon footprint as possible. We make sure to fill each container until it’s fit to burst to ensure the journey is justified.

To get the products from us to you, we’ve picked courier partners who are also trying to limit their impact. Our couriers are carbon neutral and are always looking at new ways to improve their efficiency. We use biodegradable shipping bags – within 18 months of you receiving your order, the mailing bag will be gone.

High Quality

We’re proud of the high standard of our products that gives them a long life span. You fell in love with your PacaPod while preparing for baby 1 – you aren’t going to want to give that up when it comes to your next baby. Our popular changing bags are built to last, and the beauty of our 3-in-1 system is that you can upcycle parts of your PacaPod for each baby. Say your changer pod was extremely well-used the first time around and no longer a hygienic space – we sell replacement parts to freshen up your bag.

"The greenest product is one that already exists"


We know that occasionally something might go wrong with a bag. We think even slightly imperfect bags deserve a chance to shine as your number 1 accessory which is why we have our own eBay store. This is an opportunity for us to sell samples, seconds and refurbished bags that otherwise wouldn’t get a lot of love.


We all want our beloved belongings to have the longest life possible, but inevitably, those items that are most heavily used require some TLC to extend their life.  Your PacaPod is no exception which is why we are trialing the opportunity to have your favourite bag refurbished to restore something of it's former glory (currently in the UK only whilst we look at overseas options).  The needs of each bag are unique to its owner so please contact us to learn more.


When your baby bag has had one too many squishy bananas rubbed into the lining and it’s time to reluctantly give it up, we offer a recycling scheme. It’s really important to us that none of our 3-in-1 unique bags end up as landfill when they’re made of such precious resource. We’re more than happy to have your bag sent back to us. We collect pre-loved bags until we have enough to fill a lorry (again, we want to justify our space on the road here) and then send them to our recycling partners. The changing bags are hand-sorted into those definitely at the end of their life and those with a bit more to give. If they really are unusable, they are stripped into component parts and turned into things like car upholstery. Those not quite at the end are sent to Africa for refurbishment and a brand new life with a brand new family. 



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